Dali Private label

In its origins a Haute Couture workshop, and after years of dressing some of the first ladies and public figures of the Portuguese society, Regojo launched in early 2016 the Dali Private Label, an exclusive brand for bespoke articles.

The company has Know How and technical means to carry out to the measure and with excellent “fitting” any type of feminine garment with fabrics and confection of high quality.

We also make wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Our styling department provides advice on style in choosing the desired model, taking into account fashion trends, personal preferences and the physiognomy of the client.

Depending on the item, the lead time is 2 to 4 weeks.


Confecções Regojo Velasco
Rua do Desterro, 12
1169-200 Lisbon

T: +351 218 854 000
E: info@regojo.pt