Fishing and seafood processing

The Regojo Group has a team of consultants which gives consultancy to the fish industry, governments, and companies around the world, dealing with every aspect related to fishing and seafood processing.

To provide a good and an independent consultancy, the Regojo Group does not have contracts with any industrial equipment manufacturer company. This way, we can present the solutions that better serve our customers interests and assist them in the process of the acquisition and implementation of state-of-the-art machinery in their canned fish factory, cold rooms, ice factories, at a competitive price.

Working this way with our customers, it would allow us to design facilities, with longer useful life, lower installation, and operating costs, which would achieve high profitability.


Our know-how spreads across several areas, such as advising governments in the process of law making, improving fishing procedures and fishing plans, licenses management, the supply of boats and fishing know-how, the installation of fish processing plants, canning factories, refrigeration plants, etc.

We can also assist our costumers to get prepared to export seafood to the most demanding countries/regions, such as the US or the EU, providing them the health certificates required by those countries/regions, or other pertinent international approvals and certifications.

We have a network of customers in Europe and in the US, that are the highest value markets in the world. We can offer very profitable opportunities to reach these markets.

As examples of operations we have carried out, we highlight the following:

  • Advice on the European fishing model in international Waters;
  • Project and installation of canned fish plants;
  • Project and installation of fish transformation plant;
  • Project and installation of an industrial refrigeration company;
  • Fishing planning for several countries.

The confidentiality clauses prevent us from giving more information about the specific projects and customers.


Fishing Consultancy
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