Regojo 1919

Faithful to the DNA of the Regojo Group, which founded the country’s first shirt factory, in 2005, the company created Regojo 1919, a tailor’s workshop and made-to-measure apparel.

Our atelier offers a selection of the best national and international materials, a great fitting, and high standards of confection. The shirt or apparel to measure is fully customized. There are numerous options that the customer has both in the fabric and in the design.

We also have a careful attention to the finishes and details in the realization of these pieces. In the shirt, we have a special care in the confection of the collar, using the traditional methods and the best interlinings.

In relation to the fabrics, we use excellent qualities with twisted yarns in 100% cotton, being the density of 80 to 200 yarns. We work with internationally recognized suppliers such as Thomas Mason, Somelos, Canclini or Albini.

In blazers and suits, we propose noble fabrics in 100% wool, 100% cashmere or blend. Our textile partners are, among others, Loro Piana, Reda, Guabello, Dormeuil, etc.

We have a team of professionals, highly qualified, that meets the most demanding requests.


Rua do Desterro, 12
1169-200 Lisbon

T: +351 885 40 00