Family-based, through which the bonds that unite the shareholders are inspiring a special way of being that extends to the great majority of workers, it highlights the concern and their human and professional appreciation, also based on the responsibility and freedom.

Each one manages the business as if it were yours. In this style of management, it is not unrelated to the pursuit of the fulfillment of the social responsibilities towards the society in which it is inserted, which bear witness to the action developed by the Regojo Foundation for Development. It is finally a culture based on principles of Christian inspiration that have served as a guide to the company throughout its course.


Acting with Justice, Truth and Professionalism.

Have a passion for Dedication; Respect for Commitments; Work on Unity and Harmony on the basis of Loyalty and Solidarity.


We want to create and invest in companies that contribute to the construction of a more just, humane and solidary society.


  • Selling goods and services that are useful to people, promoting the human and professional development of those who work there;
  • Creating economic wealth and stable jobs;
  • Respecting the environment;
  • Dedicating a share of profits to supporting initiatives for the common good.